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 Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Aresa of Pakistan) is worldwide famous for her natural beauty and to inhabit world’s highest mighty mountain peaks. This area consists of six districts namely Gilgit, Astore, Ghizer, Diamer, Skardu, and Ganche.

For centuries the area was ruled by tribal chieftains among them Khoshwaqt tribe has produced some of most effective rulers on critical periods who ruled this area from 1570 to1972. Chitral was also part of this state. Sangeen Ali Awal was the first ruler of this area. Since ancient times this area has been attacked by

Foreign invaders .British and Dogras also attacked this area many times Yaseen was the capital of this state. Shah Khairullah, Framerz Shah, Sulaiman Shah, Alishar Khan Anchan, Gohar Aman were great rulers of Gilgit. They belong to Khoshwaqt tribe. Anchan belongs to Maqpon tribe. They ruled both Gilgit and Chitral. Shah Khirullah died during an attack on Afghanistan. Gohar Aman was a great worrier, who spend most of  his time in fighting against foreign invaders. He ruled the area from 1840 to 1860, during his time Maharaja of Kashmir was trying to conquer Gilgit And Ladakh .Dogras General Zor Awar Singh attacked Ladakh and captured it but Gilgit was not easy prey because of the presence of Gohar Aman  and his brave army. Dogra Army captured Astore and Bonji and proceeded to Gilgit when their troops reached the historical place of Bhoob Singh Pari (This place is about 27 km from Gilgit,on Silk route).Gohar Aman with his army from adjacent tribes was waiting for them.Dogra army lost the war due to tactical maneuver of Gohar Aman .Most of Dogra soldiers were killed, many of them jumped into the adjacent river  Gilgit, and some of them were arrested. This was the tie of 185, after him his predecessors worked on the same footings and kept the area free of foreign invader.

From the Geographical, cultural and historical point of view Chitral is a part of Gilgit .However, when Pakistan came into being as a result of divided India, Chitral was made a District of NWFP and Gilgit was handed over to Political agent under the control of Federal Govt, of Pakistan, without any considerations of democratic rights and it is unjustified.


Kashmiri leaders have also played their part in increasing the problems of people of Gilgit- Baltistan, they have hindered every step taken to solve this issue. This is not even in their interest because Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral are not parst of Kashmir.

In 1846 Britishers sold the state of Jammu and Kashmir to Maharaja Ghulab Singh for 75 lakh “Nank Shahi”  but Gilgit-Baltistan were not part of Kashmir and it was ruled by Raja Gohar Amam at that time.

On Nov 1947 Gilgit Scouts attacked the Dogras Govt. and got independence which is being celebrated all over Gilgit-Baltistan as ‘Independence day’. But after 16 days of independence Gilgit-Baltistan was annexed to Pakistan. This was done because they were Muslims and wanted to be a part of Muslim state. But even now the people are waiting for their rights which are given to the other parts of the state of Pakistan. The main freedom fighters were Sub. Maj. Raja Baber Khan, Sub. Raja Faiz Aman, Sub. Raja Sher Ali, Cap. Raja Shah Khan, Sub. Saifullah and Col. Hassan Khan.

From 1947 to 1972 Gilgit was under Rajgi System in which local Rajas were quiet independent. The internal affairs of the people and disputes were settled by them. In 1972 this system was promulgated by Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Bureaucratic courts and administration was established .This step has been unable to resolve the perils of people and still they are fighting for their basic human rights. People have become slaves of Bureaucrats. In older time cases were settled in week or two by the Rajas but now the people have to wait for years for their cases to be settled more often quite unsatisfactory for both parties. They have no representation in the National or Provincial assemblies. At present the whole area is governed by a Federal Minister and his secretary KANA Division and chief Secretary NAs (all of them non- local and unrepresentative rulers).

The Pakistan based non-representative rulers have no communication with the local people of Gilgit-Baltistan. There is an NA assembly but  without any power because it is working under the Minster of Kashmir Affairs, who is being imposed by Islamabad on the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, what can be expect from an assembly who can’t pass budget or promulgate laws or hair any one.

The package announced by PPP’s Govt. for the people of Gilgit/Biltistan is also a fraud. Unless a parliament is formed with full constitutional rights under the resolution of UNO providing self rule anything on the name of assemblies is mockery of the people of the area. In this regards President and Prim Minster’s of Pakistan must consider to satisfy the people of the Gilgit-Baltistan according to the resolutions of UNO. The current attitude of the Govt. of Pakistan is provoking the people of Gilgit to launch movement for separation from Pakistan’s administration and formation of independent state of Gilgit-Baltistan and  foreign agencies can take advantage of it. This given situation would create panic in the area which will be against the government of Pakistan. 

Writer is President of Vershegom Area Development Organization (VADO) Gilgit-Baltistan, President District NGOS Network Ghizer, Vice Chairman United Northern Areas NGOs, Member NGOs Standing Committee Gilgit-Baltistan (Govt sponsored).

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