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My name is Karimullah Baig, belonging from Khairabad (Ramanjee), Gojal Hunza, Northern Areas of Pakistan. I have been working in a commercial Bank for last few years after having my Masters Degree from University of Karachi. I am very social so that this site is a symbol of being a social person.

 I have tried my level best in this site to provide maximum information about the visiting places of Norther Areas (Specially Hunza). I have included a link "Folk Tales From Hunza" in which you can find the oldest Folk Tales that have been written by Lt.Col. D.L.R. LORIMER in October, 1934. This site also consist of different amazing tours of Norther Areas of Pakistan. I am also attached with our Village Students' Association. (KSWAK). (Khairabad Students' Welfare Association Karachi Unit.

My childhood friend and ofcourse a very dedicated and social towards promoting the village Ramanji is Rehmat Karim who provoked me to design this site. He's very social and committed guy, love to help otherz. He'z been working in The Aga Khan University Hospital for last few years.







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Mr. Karimullah Baig


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