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[HUNZA Elects] Wazir Baig’s resounding victory in Hunza valley

Hunza, November 12: The candidate of ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Wazir Baig scored a resounding victory in Hunza polls for the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.  According to unofficial results Waizr Baig of PPP has a lead of about 1,237 votes over MQM’s Kamil Jan. Wazir Baig secured 5,351 votes, Kamil Jan 4,114 and Noor Muhammad of Hunza Action Committee 3637 votes.

Wazir Baig has a clean sweep from all villages of Gojal except Shishkat, the village of Kamil Jan. For the first time in history of elections, PPP got highest in Ghulkin village, despite of Abbas Khan’s withdrawal from election in favor of MQM.

In Central Hunza, PPP won from Aliabad, Murtazabad, Doorkhun, Garelth, whereas Hunza Action Committee had high scores in Altit, Ahmedabad and Sarat.

MQM has majority votes in Haiderabad and Hassabad whereas Arif Hussain in Ganish and Mominabad. Sher Yar Khan succeeded to get the highest number of votes from Karimabad.

MQM has a clean sweep from all villages in Shinaki.

The people of Attabad boycotted the poll as a protest against lack of interest from government for the rehabilitation of the families affected from land movement .

Meanwhile, the polling process remained very peaceful with a turnout of about 44%. The highest turnout of 68% was observed in Shishkat.

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